Our Gatherings


Sunday School - 9:30 AM

Our Sunday School hour in designed to educate and equip. Our main adult class studies chronologically through books of the Bible. We also offer seasonal electives that cover doctrine or practical areas of the Christian life. We have Sunday School classes for children 3 and up, as well as a youth group class and young adult class. We also offer nursery childcare during Sunday School.

Sunday Morning Service - 10:30 AM

We prioritize this service as our main gathering each week. During this time we read, sing, pray, and preach God’s Word. Our pastors preach expositionally through books of the Bible, and preach the gospel every sermon. We sing old and new hymns with orchestral music that encourages participation from the congregation. We offer nurserychildcare during this gathering and teaching times for children pre-K through grade 6.

Sunday Evening Service - 6:00 PM

We use our evening services in a variety of ways which will sometimes include additional preaching, updates on missionary efforts, family meetings, focused times of prayer, or stories of grace in the lives of our people. We offer nursery childcare during this gathering. On the third Sunday of the month, our Connection Groups meet in lieu of the evening gathering.

Connection Groups

Our Connection Groups are small groups that meet on the third Sunday of each month at various times and places. These groups are made up of people from various generations and seasons of life. This time is designed to foster deeper relationships and allow for a focused time of prayer for one another.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study - 7:00 PM

These gatherings begin with a study in a book of the Bible or a book based on the Bible. The second half of these meetings is devoted to corporate prayer. During the adult Bible study, there are classes for children pre-K through youth group. We also offer nursery childcare during this gathering.